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Why Do We Provide Handyman Services?

It all started when we were given a vision of a problem that not only exists today, but is going to become a much bigger problem in the days to come. There are two problems our country is facing:

1) Millennials are choosing jobs and going into fields like technology, professional services, and medical. 

2) The skilled trade isn't getting any younger and more and more baby-boomers that have been in the skilled trade for their entire lives are retiring. 

What does this really mean?

Our country is going to be facing a supply and demand issue for handyman services. When you think about it, general contractors, home builders, and remodeling contractors don't want to take on the smaller handyman projects because there isn't enough money for them to make, due to their increased costs in overhead.


Further, as the talent pool for skilled trade decreases, it's going to cost more for specialized trades, like plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical. These specialized trades are put into a situation where they have to compete with higher labor costs to try and compete with businesses that are paying millennials good money. Also, due to the demand on these businesses, it can be difficult to get someone out quickly. And lets face it. It isn't exactly an attractive job!

Since millennials are not getting the training they need to fix general home repairs, they are also going to need to hire a handyman for their handyman needs. 

So, now we reach a point where we are losing more skilled trade workers than those entering into the workforce and we have a generation that is not trained or equipped for basic home repairs.


What is One & Done Handyman doing about it?

Now, more than ever, a traditional handyman company is needed. Our goal is to provide services to homeowners who are looking for their handyman punch list to get done.  

We provide handyman services from the smallest job up to anything that may require major home repairs. It is our mission to provide handyman services quickly, typically done in a day or less, at an affordable price point. This way you can get your handyman project list done!

Why did we choose One & Done Handyman as a company name?

This is actually a funny story. One of our silent partners noticed he had to repeat himself when giving his children instructions for daily chores. One day he looked at them and said, "We have a new rule in place. One & Done!, I tell you once and it gets done. Any questions?" His children initially laughed and then the message sunk in and he no longer has to repeat himself. Occasionally, his kids will say, "I don't like this new rule!

We wanted to adapt that same philosophy to our business. You call us once and your handyman list gets done! No need to repeat yourself or try to find another handyman company for your handyman punch list.