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Baseboard & Trim Repair / Replacement

Having a finished look around your floor is important. It not only gives your home a finished look, but it prevents debris from getting between the floor and drywall. It can also be used to hold flooring in place.

From time to time, your baseboard may get damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. You may even decide it's time to spruce up the trim around your home.

We typically will encounter the following baseboard & trim repair / replacement scenarios.

  1. Baseboard & trim gets damaged, cracked, broken

  2. Baseboard & trim needs a fresh coat of paint (if it's not a natural stained wood)

  3. Baseboard & trim gets replaced due to a flooring improvement or aesthetics 

It helps if you already have the style of baseboard or trim you would like to use. We can help you with measuring to find out how much you may need. For a repair, it's great to have an exact match if possible.

If you are replacing all of the baseboard and trim in your home, we can help you pick out a new look and help determine how much is needed. We will pull the old off and put the new on. 

Replacing your baseboard and trim around the floor, doors, and interior windows can be an inexpensive way to update the appearance of your home. 

Adding crown molding to the ceiling is also a great way to give your room an update. We can help you with this too.