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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Is my home at risk for a fire related to a clogged dryer vent?

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 15,000 fires are sparked every year by clothes in dryers. This is a result of lint and other debris building up in your dryer vent. It happens because your dryer has reduced air flow in the dryer, backing up dryer exhaust gases, which create a fire.

If you are not getting your dryer vent cleaned at least one time per year, then the risk of your home having a fire due to a clogged dryer vent only increases.

Top 10 signs it’s time to clean your dryer vent and reduce the risk of a fire.

1. Clothing does not dry completely after a normal drying cycle.

2. Drying time for clothing takes longer than 35 to 40 minutes in duration.

3. A musty odor is noticed in the clothing following the drying cycle.

4. Clothing seems unusually hot to the touch after a complete drying cycle.

5. The dryer vent hood flap does not properly open as it is designed to do during the operation of the dryer.

6. Debris is noticed within the outside dryer vent opening.

7. Excessive heat is noticed within the room in which the dryer is being operated.

8. Large amounts of lint accumulate in the lint trap for the dryer during operation.

9. A visible sign of lint and debris is noticed around the lint filter for the dryer.

10. Excessive odor is noticed from dryer sheets that are used during the drying cycle.


What can I do to clean my dryer vent?

Cleaning a dryer vent isn’t hard. It takes the right knowledge and the right tools. For starters, you can take apart part of your dryer, usually the front, and remove a great deal of dryer lint with a brush or vacuum.

Then you need to get into the dryer duct work. This is where the challenge begins. The duct work will typically have one or two elbows and run the distance from the dryer to outside. It can become difficult if the dryer vent is not accessible due to being covered by drywall.

This is where you have to have the right tools to make sure you do the right job. Gain access by the opening of the dryer vent and start pulling it out with a wired brush that’s flexible and big enough to go the distance of the dryer duct system.

Or, you can save yourself the headache of trying to figure it out and give yourself peace of mind it was done correctly by calling One And Done Handyman. Call today for your free, guaranteed quote.

Watch an actual dryer vent cleaning we did. It's amazing what happens at the 0:24 second mark!