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Electrical Outlet, Fixture, & Switch Repair & Replacement

What electrical repair & installation projects do we do?


One & Done Handyman will troubleshoot, install, & repair electrical outlets, electrical switches, and electrical lighting fixtures. We do not take on major electrical repairs involving circuit breakers or electrical wiring for a new home.


Is your electrical outlet dead? Is your electrical switch not turning on a light?


Chances are, it could be an easy fix, however, experience has taught us that is not always the case. You can attempt to fix your electrical outlet, switch, or light fixture yourself, but it may end up costing you more money in the long run if you are wrong.


Troubleshooting the electrical outlet or electrical switch


When an electrical outlet goes dead, an electrical switch doesn’t turn on a light, it’s time to start doing some tests



First, see if other electrical outlets are dead or other electrical switches are not working. This step will help determine if the electrical issue is an isolated event or related to a larger problem. This will help determine the proper action to repair the electrical problem.



Next, check the circuit breakers. See if there is a fuse that tripped and needs to be flipped. This can be one of the easiest fixes. Before to do this step prior to calling a handyman or electrician.


Check the GFCIs. GFCI, “ground fault circuit interrupter”, outlets are electrical outlets with the test and reset button. They are required in areas of the house where shock hazards are greatest. They protect against deadly electrical shocks by sensing leaks in the electrical current and immediately tripping to shut off the power.


If a GFCI gets tripped, it will shut off the power to the outlets and switches connected on the same section of wire. If it is tripped, you simply press the reset button. Then test the electrical outlet by pluggin in an electrical device and by turning on the light. If that works, then you solved your electrical problem.



If you still don’t have power, look for a bad connection. This may require taking off the electrical outlet cover or light switch cover. Once you remove the cover, Check wire connectors for loose wires.


If you are not sure about repairing your electrical outlet or switch it’s time to call a handyman or electrician. One & Done Handyman should be less expensive than an electrician and can solve the electrical problem just as easily and quickly. If we are unable to, we will notify you to call an electrician. This means there is a significant electrical problem with your home.