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Gutter Cleaning can protect your home!


Clogged gutters can cause long-term home damage and that’s why One and Done Handyman recommends you have your gutters cleaned by a gutter cleaning professional between 1 to 2 times per year, typically in spring and/or fall.


Clogged gutters can impact your home in a negative way. Below are examples of clogged gutters and the impact clogged gutters can have on your home.


1. Clogged gutters are one cause to basement water problems. Gutters are designed to capture water coming down from your roof. If the gutter spout is clogged by leaves or debris, the water pools and eventually overflows into the same spot. The gutters are designed to move water away from your home, and a clogged gutter overflowing with water creates water to pool by the foundation, potentially putting your home at risk for basement flooding. It can cost thousands for water restoration in your basement due to clogged gutters.


2. Naturally gutters are attached to the wood on the roof. Also, known as fascia. When water accumulates due to leaves and debris in a gutter, the water has a chance to penetrate the wood putting your home at risk for wood rot. The price to replace fascia board due to clogged gutters can be very expensive.


3. If water is stagnating and trapped by leaves and other debris in your gutter, it can create a habitat or environment for animals as well as an ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes.


Gutter cleaning by a gutter cleaning company is cheap considering the amount it would cost if you were one of the lucky ones to experience basement flooding, wood rot, or unwanted pests in your home.


You could clean gutters yourself, but before taking on the task for gutter cleaning, you will want to consider the risk of getting up and down a ladder and/or walking on your roof. There are thousands of ladder accidents each year. These accidents happen because someone does not have the proper training for using a ladder and may not have the right equipment for gutter cleaning.


One and Done Handyman doesn’t just clean gutters, but also cleans the downspouts. Leaves and debris often clog gutter downspouts, which is why water pools in the gutter. You should have your gutter cleaning done by a professional this year.