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One & Done Handyman, LLC Handyman Services: Basehor, Kansas

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Address for City of Basehor:

2620 155th St | Basehor, KS 66007

About Basehor, KS

Basehor is located in Leavenworth County, KS. On September 24, 1829 the United States Government cited a large tract of land from the Delaware Indians. A part of that land is where Basehor sits. On July 4, 1866 the Government purchased the land for $2.50 per acre. Several railroad companies purchased the remaining land on January 7, 1886.

Ruben and his brother Ephraim, who were of Pennsylvania Dutch decent, founded Basehor in 1889. At this time, Ephraim plotted his land and began building the town site. Ephraim was a very generous person. In 1900 he donated land to build the first school. 1905 the first high school class was in session. In 1955 the new elementary school was built and shortly there after in 1963 a new high school was built.

For the last 10 years, Basehor has grown an average of 900 people every 5 years. This growth, and projected growth, is going to fuel the city of Basehor. 

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One & Done Handyman provides handyman services in Basehor, KS and the surrounding areas. Basehor, KS is a key location for home repair and home improvement. Basehor is growing rapidly for both new home construction and remodeling, making it difficult to hire a handyman or other home repair professionals. We are committed to providing Basehor residents quality, dependable, & trustworthy handyman services.

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KS: 913-396-6246

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Toll Free: 844-416-3663