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414 E. 12th St. | Kansas City, MO 64106

About Kansas City, KS/MO

Kansas City, KS is located in Wyandotte County and Kansas City, MO is located in Jackson County. It was as early as 1723 when action started to happen in Kansas City. It was this year when the first fort was built by Sieur De Bourgmount, a french visitor. 

Following the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, Lewis & Clark left St. Louis and arrived in Kansas City in 1804 and stayed 3 days. In 1808 Fort Osage was built.

As part of the Missouri Compromise in 1821, Congress submitted Missouri as the 24th state and it was a slave state at that time. On March 28, 1853 Kansas City was incorporated. In 1854 Congress passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act which allowed more States to be formed. This is when Kansas become a free state. 

In 1871 the Kansas Stockyards boomed in the West Bottoms. In 1881 Prohibition was in order. Shortly after, in 1887 the Strawberry Hill was established. The WWI Memorial was established on November 11, 1926. Let's not forget about the Union Station Massacre that happened on June 17, 1933

Kansas City has a rich history. 

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One & Done Handyman provides handyman services in Kansas City, MO/KS and the surrounding areas. Kansas City, MO/KS is a key location for home repair and home improvement. Kansas City is growing rapidly for both new home construction and remodeling, making it difficult to hire a handyman or other home repair professionals. We are committed to providing Kansas City residents quality, dependable, & trustworthy handyman services.

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KS: 913-396-6246

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Toll Free: 844-416-3663