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One & Done Handyman, LLC Handyman Services: Olathe, Kansas

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KS: 913-396-6246

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Toll Free: 844-416-3663

Address for City of Olathe:

100 E Santa Fe St | Olathe, KS 66061

About Olathe, KS

Olathe is located in Johnson County. It was founded and incorporated in 1857 by Dr. John T. Barton. Olathe got its' name when Dr. Barton asked a Native Shawnee Indian hot to translate Beautiful. The word he was given was Olathe.

Olathe was not the largest city in Johnson County, but it grew the quickest to the point in 1859 when it was named the county seat. Olathe was a point of conflict in the 1850's and 1860's when it had a military post. 

In the 1870's, Olathe had around 1,800 residents and grew to just shy of 4,000 by the end of 1940. When the Interstate made it's mark in the 1950's, Olathe took off. From 1950 to 1970, the city grew from 5,600 to 17,921. Since the 1970's the city has grown around 30,000 peolpe every 10 years. Today there are around 135,000 residents in Olathe.

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One & Done Handyman provides handyman services in Olathe, KS and the surrounding areas. Olathe, KS is a key location for home repair and home improvement. Olathe is growing rapidly for both new home construction and remodeling, making it difficult to hire a handyman or other home repair professionals. We are committed to providing Olathe residents quality, dependable, & trustworthy handyman services.