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Power or Pressure Washing

It is critical to power or pressure wash the exterior surfaces of your home. Keep in mind, a good pressure washing can make a big difference on your home. Below is a list of areas from a home we power wash on a regular basis.

There are many areas of your house that can take good power washing. Our services include:

1. Decks (may require paint, staining, and/or sealing after to protect the wood long term)

2. Wood Fences (may require paint, staining, and/or sealing after to protect the wood long term)

3. Gutters

4. Roofs

5. Siding

6. Driveway

7. Garage Floor

8. Front Entryway Flooring

There are advantages of pressure cleaning these areas of your home.


The high-pressure spray from a power washer, also called a pressure washer, effectively removes debris, grime, moss, and caked dirt from wood, concrete, vinyl, asphalt, tile, and other materials. Since a pressure washer uses only water, it's harmless to surrounding vegetation and introduces no noxious gases into the atmosphere. After pressure washing, it may require a day or two to dry.

It's important to use the right pressure washing machine. It needs to have a high enough pressure capacity to get the dirt and grime off the material. If you have too strong of a pressure setting, you can actually damage or remove some of the material, especially wood. Our equipment and experience allows us to get the best and most effective pressure washing for you home.

It may seem easy to pressure wash your house, but there really is a lot that can go wrong! What you don't know can hurt you. Rely on a professional pressure washing company to do the job right, the first time.