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Bathtub, Sink, & Shower Seal Replacement

Is your shower caulk starting to show signs of wear, mildew, or black mold?

Have you been scrubbing the corners of your shower or bathtub where the caulk is, but with no success of it getting any cleaner? It’s like the rest of your shower is immaculate and has that shine like you see on T.V. commercials, but when you look at the corners, it’s NASTY! No matter how many times you clean it, it just doesn’t get any better.

Chances are, it’s not dirty. It has black mold or mildew in or under the caulk.

Unfortunately, there is only one solution to ridding this nasty problem. You have to remove the caulk and apply a new coat. This is a very time consuming, and meticulous process. If you don’t have patients, don’t take on this task!


Our 5 step process to remove mold from your tub, shower, or sink caulking:


1. Scrape off and remove the old caulk that may or may not have mold growing.

2. Clean all areas where the caulking and mold had come in contact.

3. Let the area dry to ensure new caulking will adhere to corners.

4. Apply a fresh bead of caulk to the corners. We use a mold and water resistant caulk.

5. Let the area dry to ensure proper curing and hardening.

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