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Tile Repair


If you have broken or cracked tile, we can help. Tile will break or crack due to two primary reasons. One of the most common is poor installation.


  1. If the wall or floor is not perfectly flat, by using a level, and there may be a bow in the wall or floor, the unevenness of it will cause tile to break or crack when pressure is applied.

  2. Another reason for a tile breaking or cracking is by an object coming in contact with it with extreme force. The harder the object, the less force it takes to break or crack the tile.

In order to fix the cracked or broken tile, it must first come out. Than any repairs on the drywall or floor must be done. Once repairs are done, if any are required, we can then begin the tile repair and replacement process.

We first coat the floor or wall with a adhesive. Then we apply the tile and use spacers if necessary. Once the adhesive has an opportunity to cure, we then mix up the grout and apply it. Finally, we clean the area off and the grout is ready to cure for at least 24 hours.

It is important to get the same color tile and grout when doing the repair. We recommend that you get this ahead of time and have these materials when we arrive. 

Some of the more common areas we encounter broken or cracked tile is in a bathroom, particularly tile in the shower or bathtub. We also get calls to repair a cracked black-splash in the kitchen or broken tile on the floor in the entry way, bathroom, or kitchen.