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TV Wall Mount Installation

You’ve purchased your new, expensive TV and the only place to put it is on the wall. If the TV is not mounted on the wall properly, it can break away from the wall and break. Not a fun situation to put yourself in. In fact, if you catch a TV falling off a wall on video, you will probably make it on TV!


Protect your TV and wall by hiring a professional TV wall mount installation company.


6 Steps to successful wall mount installation


1. Purchase the right TV Wall Mount. There are several TV wall mounts to purchase and you want to make sure you not only have the right size TV wall mount, but also a TV wall mount that is going to either tilt or extend out of the wall. TV wall brackets range from $50.00 to $250.00. It’s also important to make sure you get the right size TV wall mount.

            - Fixed Mount: Simplest and lowest-cost TV wall mount. The TV mounts virtually on the

               wall. Once mounted, the TV does not move.

            - Tilt Mount: This TV wall mount provides a vertical angle adjustment, meaning the TV                  can tilt up or down.

            - Tilt/Swivel Mount: This TV wall mount allows for the TV to not only extend past the                      wall, but the TV can swivel from side-to-side as well as tilt up and down.

            - Ceiling Mount: This TV wall mount is installed in the ceiling and hangs the TV down.                 There are many options from the TV being fixed, Tilt, and Tilt/Swivel.


2. Check for studs in the wall using a stud finder. Finding studs in the wall makes the TV wall mount installation process go easier. It is also more secure and the likelihood of the TV falling off the wall is slim to none.


3. Determine where the TV will be installed on the wall. Keep in mind, it’s not always the case to have the TV perfectly centered on the wall. You will want to take into consideration the overall use of the room the TV is being installed as well as where you or others may be sitting.


4. If no studs are in place to where the TV Wall Mount needs to be installed, use good wall anchors. There is a lot more to drywall anchors than just picking them out at a hardware store. There are several factors to take into consideration. For example, what is the weight limit to the drywall anchor? What size bolt or screw can it withstand? How does the drywall anchor attach to the wall? We recommend these drywall anchors when installing a TV wall mount when there are no studs to fasten the TV wall mount to.


5. Once the location of the TV has been decided as well as determining if studs will be used or drywall anchors or both, begin prepping the wall. First, take measurements to where holes will be predrilled. Then make sure to use a level. Next, secure the TV wall mount to the wall and double check to make sure it’s level. Finally attach the TV to the wall mount. If necessary, you may want to hide power cables and TV cables in the wall. This will require an extra step of cutting a hole in the wall to run these wires through. A new power outlet should be installed behind the TV.


6. After the TV has successfully been installed, begin connecting the wires to the TV. Turn it on and make sure it works.


A TV wall mount can be a difficult process and it’s encouraged to hire a professional to ensure proper TV wall mount installation. Especially if you want to hide TV cables and power cord in the wall.