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Window Cleaning


Window cleaning isn’t something homeowners typically look forward too.  It can take a lot of effort and some good ‘ole elbow grease. Let’s be honest, it’s not necessarily washing windows that are within reach inside the home that cause anxiety. It’s the thought of cleaning windows outside or the fear of getting high up on a ladder to clean windows in the high to reach places.

A bit of advice: don’t put yourself in harm’s way by cleaning windows. Let a trained professional with the right equipment take on the risk.

How often should you have your windows cleaned?

Ideally, twice per year. Most homeowners prefer to have their windows cleaned in the Spring and Fall.

Are there different methods on how to clean windows?

Yes, there are! Most people think of window cleaning as either get the paper towel or newspaper and spray window cleaner on it and rub, rub, rub until it’s clean, or the traditional professional window cleaner using a window mop and squeegee. Both of these methods work and can deliver an end result of a spot free and clean window.

There is a third method many homeowners are not aware of. It’s using purified water to wash windows. Purified, mineral free window cleaning washes windows without using chemicals. It keeps windows clean longer because there are no residues left on the window. The most amazing thing about this process is you don’t have to use a squeegee to get off the excess water. When the water evaporates it doesn’t leave streaks on windows
Why? When water evaporates, it leaves all minerals that were in it on the glass surface causing a window streak. Minerals don’t evaporate. When you use purified water that has no mineral content, when the water evaporates, nothing is left on the clean window. Obviously, this process can only be done on the exterior windows of your home.

What’s the best window cleaning system?

A true window cleaning professional will never tell you there is a one system approach.  Window cleaning professionals should use all methods. Some methods may be used more than others and it really depends on the condition of each window.

One and Done Handyman uses all three methods; with that being said, the traditional and purified water methods are used a majority of the time.

What are surfaces a window cleaner can clean?

We can’t speak for all window cleaners, but we can tell you what surfaces we typically clean for our customers when we make a trip to their home.

  • Windows

  • Patio Doors

  • Window Screens

  • Shower Doors

  • Mirrors

  • Skylights

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